What are the most trendy necklaces at the moment ?

When you want to dress up or adorn yourself with jewelry, it is always more interesting to follow the trend. This helps show that we are aware of everything that is happening around us. So if you are thinking of treating yourself to a necklace or giving one to a loved one, choose those that are in vogue at the moment. To help you make the right choice, we present to you through this article 3 types of necklaces that will enhance you.

Y collars

As its name suggests, the Y necklace is characterized by its Y shape. It features a chain that divides into two branches and forms an inverted V at the neckline. At the intersection of the two branches, there can be a pendant that serves as the focal point of the jewelry, as you will see with this Adriana Janae jewelries. For example, it could be a drop, a pearl, a precious stone or any other symbol. Note that the end of the necklace usually falls in the middle of the chest and may also have a stone or other symbol on it.

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The Y necklace is therefore a piece of jewelry that highlights the neck and décolleté. You can actually adopt it to highlight your figure. It can be worn with any outfit, from the most casual to the most formal. For occasions, it can accompany you everywhere, whether for a professional meeting or for a chic evening with friends. If you don't have it in your jewelry collection, don't wait any longer before treating yourself to it.

Choker necklaces

Very popular during the 90s, the choker necklace had lost its popularity on the neck in the 2000s. Today, it is back in the spotlight and gracefully frames the neck of daring women.

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They come in many styles so you can find the one that suits you best. You can find it in a minimalist model with simple and elegant designs, or more daring with details such as pearls or intertwined chains.

This type of necklace can be used as a finishing touch to complete many outfits. You can wear it with plunging necklines, shirts buttoned up to the neck or even with round neck tops. It can accompany you to any event and will always have the power to draw attention to your face, no matter where you are.

Choker necklaces are made from many materials. Depending on your preferences, you can have them in delicate leather, precious metals or even precious stones. Visit the points of sale to make your choice.

Pendant necklaces

The last type of necklace that we present to you is the pendant necklace. It is a timeless piece that will never cease to captivate attention with its elegance and symbolism. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of jewelry, it is actually a necklace with a pendant in the center.

The pendant is the focal point of the jewelry and can take different shapes and be made of different materials. It is often personalized to best match the person wearing it. The length of the necklace chain can also vary depending on the owner's preferences.

It is a jewel that can accompany you on all occasions. When making your choice, you can also opt for this one.